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Sanxin commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding members of the General Assembly

Release date:2016-08-15    Clicks:4707 Time

Sanxin Party branch was held to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding members of the General Assembly

July 1, 2016, Jiangxi Sanxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Party branch held a general meeting of party members, a solemn memorial to the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Sanxin medical party branch secretary, chairman Peng Yixing attended the meeting, the meeting was chaired by the party branch deputy secretary Zhang Lin.
In the meantime, all members of the collective watched "General Secretary in Anhui research video", focusing on learning Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important spirit of Anhui research. At the same time, conscientiously studied the "Constitution of the Communist Party of China", and revisit the oath of joining the party. At the same time, the meeting deployed the "two learning one to do" learning and education work: special study and discussion, innovative ways to talk about party, held a special organizational life, democratic appraisal of party members and foothold than contributions.
Finally, Sanxin Medical Party branch secretary, chairman Peng Yixing all the party members put forward specific requirements: we must seriously study the spirit of General Secretary of important speech, we must always remember the identity of party members, positive with a good head, a result, to be an outstanding party member , For the Sanxin family model, as an example; to enhance party members awareness, consciously love the party for the party, dedicated morality, unity and struggle for enterprise development and make more contributions.

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