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 Sanxin medical takes the "sense of participation" concept, together with medical institutions, health care workers, universities, academicians and other experts in common innovation, to participate in a higher field of cooperation for the construction of health in China. The company also established the academician workstation, in-depth research and development of the latest generation of dialysis use of polyethersulfone membrane; simultaneously the company made an expansion to the field of extracorporeal circulation equipment, and formally cooperate with the Southeast University to develop dialysis machine, greatly improve the blood purification products industry chain supplies;  Through the establishment of the provincial enterprise technology center and Jiangxi Province infusion medical device engineering technology research center, the company shall made a transion from the traditional infusion products to a more secure direction, with the development of the self-destruct syringes, retraction self-destruction syringes, needle-free syringes and precision filtration infusion, Double-layer co-extrusion technology light avoiding infusion, and so on. Also the company participated in the formulation of "disposable light avoiding infusion set", "disposable hemodialysis pipelines," "disposable infusion", "disposable blood transfusion" and many other national and industry standards         


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