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Sanxin's core values:
Pragmatic Innovation Cooperation Win-win

Pragmatic: pragmatic development; meticulous plan; quick action; in pursuit of practical results;
Innovation: creative thinking; dare to try; adept in exploring; advance with the times;
Cooperation: sincerely cooperate; initiative support; risk sharing; progress together;
Win-win: we have a win-win situation with patients, customers, staff and social entities.
Core behavior specifications for sanxin staff are basis on Sanxin’s values as follows
(Xin’s ten regulations):
1. Pragmatic:
Advocated behaviors:
We advocate: dare to bear and responsible.
We advocate: do more, say less, and quick action.
Resistant behaviors:
   We resist: Shirk responsibility, bright beginning and dull finish.
2. Innovation:
Advocated behaviors:
We advocate: continuous learning; innovate boldly; dare to try; adept in exploring
Resistant behaviors:
We resist: lazy thoughts, unenterprising, conservative ideas, restrained experience.
3. Cooperation:
Advocated behaviors;
We advocate: team spirit, initiative support; think the ways of other, self-inspection.
We advocate: same objectives, teamwork, obey commands, implement firmly.
Resistant behaviors;
We resist: each does things in his own way; shuffle buckpassing; only find excuses not reasons.
4. Win-win:
Advocated behaviors;
We advocate: benefit sharing; responsibility sharing; fair cooperation; progress together.
Resistant behaviors;
We resist: narrow-minded; use public office for private gain; selfish departmentalism; Differentiation of team.


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